Wednesday, May 6, 2009

God's Kingdom in Heaven and on Earth...

I am a community development worker and have been for twenty-plus years. I have worked mainly in Asia in poor, rural communities and have done my work from what I describe as a Biblical perspective or "Kingdom" development. I believe with all my heart that God desires people to have an abundant life, not necessarily in a material sense, but in terms of dignity, relationships and their basic needs such as food, water, clothing, security, adequate housing, etc. Not being a "Pollyanna," I also believe that this abundant life is relatively achievable when people, communities and even possibly nations live in accordance to God's plans and His way.

I would like to take the opportunity of this blog and begin discussing this idea: What would God's Kingdom coming on earth look like? I also will be trying to ask some questions that I hope you will help me with along the way. I would like to recruit a number of like-minded folks to dialogue on emerging thoughts and questions that I have on Kingdom development. My plan is to post regular weekly blogs and grow a number of interested cooperators along the way.

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