Saturday, October 3, 2009

Timing: The sixth tool of Reconciliation

Truth, Touch, Transparency, Tenderness and Toughness: all tools that Jesus used in brining the message and fact or reconciliation to those who were need of a Savior. The sixth and final installment of these tools is "Timing".

I think that the timing of Jesus in the way and the approach in which he applied the first five tools was critical to the one in need of reconciliation. As Jesus met people, he was always about proclaiming the Kingdom whether in word or in deed. Being God incarnate, he was also constantly alternating between the method he used based upon the situation at hand and particularly the present need in the life of those he encountered. When he encountered the demon possessed, he spoke a word o truth and authority into their lives bringing about healing and restoration. In many cases, he was able to immediately return these people to their families, restored, healed and whole.

At other times he encountered those with great ailment of heart. He spoke words of tenderness and compassion to them giving them hope and encouragement to face the day and their tomorrows. Still at other times, he reached out and touched the physical ailments of the sick, the diseased, the disfigured, the lepers and proclaimed to them the Kingdom. While still at other times, he confronted the proud and the hypocrites with the stark truth of their shortcomings and need for a born again heart, mind and soul.

It intrigues me that Jesus seemed to know the exact approach to use at the exact moment an opportunity for ministry arose. And I could dismiss this and say, "sure, He was God and had an insight that I don't have (which is true)". But I can't escape the nagging feeling that through submission to him, walking in his spirit and the fact that he lives in my heart through his Holy Spirit, that he gives me more insight and abilities to apply these different tools or reconciliation than I actually acknowledge or attempt to use.

Jesus said through Luke the doctor that the Kingdom of God is within us. Paul said it as the great mystery being revealed which is "Christ in you, the hope of glory."

I believe that if we walk in the spirit as he is in the spirit, God will bring to mind and forefront all of these tools of reconciliation if only we will listen, follow and apply. If we will live in a way that we never again see people as mere people but eternal souls with struggles, joys, victories, defeats and a keen need for a reconciliation with God, with others, with nature and with their own selves, we will be more proactive in seeing God in our situations/relationships and finding the appropriate timing for utilizing Jesus's tools of reconciliation.

The problem is not that we haven't been given the tools and even the ability to use the tools. The problem that I have found is within me: walking with God and actively seeking and promoting reconciled relationships (on all levels) in everything I do.

What would our world around us look like if we took seriously the role of being reconcilers on all levels discussed? What would our relationships look like if reconciliation was in the forefront of our hearts, minds and actions each moment? What if our annual work plans were thrown out the window and we we simply strived to promote right relationships with all we meet/work with/come in contact with?

Would it look more like the Kingdom of God?


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