Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interlude #1 - It's not sacred vs secular but eternal vs temporal

Permit me to digress a bit (blogger's prerogative) and return to the choice of Adam and Even in the garden. When they chose to disobey God and choose their own way (at the prompting of the Adversary), whether they knew it or not, they were choosing for themselves (and consequently us) the temporal over the eternal. You see, the choice to take that forbidden fruit was in reality the temporal or temporary things to take priority in their lives.

Think about this. The knowledge of good and evil is a temporal concept. It is something that will pass away and become irrelevant when the Kingdom of God comes in full. Just like sin and death will be no more, just as there will be no more pain or suffering, just like the need for evangelism will cease, the knowledge of good and evil will become obsolete. For we know that in His Kingdom coming these things will have no standing.

I have preached the idea that there is a huge separation in our lives today between the sacred and secular. I have even made the statement at times that we should live our lives as if it were all sacred. But I think I have been wrong.There is nothing sacred about a child that dies of hunger. There is nothing sacred about a community that is 80% HIV positive. And there is nothing sacred about genocide, hatred and enmity between brothers.

I think Satan likes to keep us thinking and discussing the divide between secular and sacred because he knows the true issue at hand is the eternal and temporal. In truth, if we saw our lives, our relationships, our possessions, our positions, etc., in the light of eternity, I think it would make a tremendous difference and the secular/sacred debate would be a moot point.

What if I started living my life tomorrow with asking the question of everything I do, "is this eternal?" I think the Enemy of Old would shudder and heaven would rejoice! Maybe I would be a little closer to the Kingdom of God as well...

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