Thursday, January 26, 2012

Remembering Today...

I was just reminded by a friend that four years ago today, one of our dear friends and co-workers was taken by armed men in a Central Asian country. Since that time and the two to three weeks immediate following, we have never heard from her again.

Thinking about this, I remember once again how fragile and precious life is. I also am mindful that those who choose to live their lives for the sake of a higher calling, are not immune to suffering, sadness or trouble in this life.

I still pray for our friend who was abducted even though I have no idea or clue to where she is or even if she is still alive. Perhaps she is more alive now than ever! I do pray that wherever she is, she stand well and strong in her faith before the Father and before all those who are near her. Knowing her, I think this is probably one of the most safest and surest prayers that I pray.

The Kingdom of God is ultimately the most glorious place inhabited by the most glorious Being. And we are invited to become citizens of that Kingdom and under the rule of the Great and Loving King. As we move towards the culmination of time and the coming in fulness of the King and His Kingdom, we continue to live and breathe in a fallen and sin filled world. It is a paradox that causes our very being and even all of creation along with us to groan and long for that day. But until then, we can only live our whole lives for and in obedience to the King and accept all the joy and all the suffering that may come.

In honor of Cyd. May she continue to stand well before the Father...

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