Friday, May 4, 2012

A Watchman...

In the book of Ezekiel, God appoints Ezekiel a watchman over the house of Israel (Ezek 33). His role as watchman is to blow the trumpet and warn the people when he sees the sword coming against the land. Anyone who hears and ignores will have their own blood on their head. However, if the watchman sees the sword but doesn't sound the warning, the fault will be on his head.

I am writing this blog today as a watchman. I have been honored and privileged to see what God has done through the Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund. I have been a privileged recipient of those funds and now have the awesome responsibility of helping to distribute those funds around the world. Last year, through our WHF projects through BGR, we were able to see

* Over 1.5 M people helped with 500,000 receiving food and another 400,000 receiving help with their water needs

* Over 400 projects in about 65 countries. Most of these ministering to the poorest of the poor.

* Help extended to almost 5,000 communities either through disaster response or developmental ministries

* Water systems implemented in almost 300 communities giving 200,000 people access to clean drinking water

* About 200,000 people helped with  health care needs

The list goes on and on and on. And these are just numbers from a list. They are real people with real needs being met by real resources and most of it coming through our Southern Baptist World Hunger Fund.

Here is the watchman part, however. We are at critically low levels of hunger funds on hand as I write this. I want to make this known. This week, I had to say "no" to hungry children in a war-torn middle eastern country because we just didn't have the funds to help them.

Would you consider giving to the World Hunger Fund? Would you consider telling others about the great need that exists? Would you join me in being a watchman for those who cannot watch out for themselves?

For more information, please visit our BGR World Hunger link at:

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