Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tired to the Bone...

I grew up hearing the phrase (mostly from the older folks of our family), "Tired to the bone..." It expresses an exhaustion so deep that it goes all the way down to your bones. Pretty deep.

This week, I am tired to the bone. I just returned from a trip to the west coast where we hosted an international disaster relief training and a medical/health care opportunities workshop. I arrived back in Nashville late Sunday night and started back in the office early Monday morning. I confess that I am dragging and a bit and feeling "tired to the bone."

However, just when I think no one else could be as tired as me, I begin looking through the new BGR projects sitting on my desk needing funding....

* One is for families in sub-Saharan Africa who, because of years of building drought, can't find any way to feed their children except that a miracle of help arrive from the outside.

* Another is for medicines, hygiene kits and food items for people who are fleeing an armed conflict in their home country and have crossed a border into another with nothing but what they could carry.

* Still another is for water systems in an area of South Asia where people have to walk an average of 1.5 miles daily in order just to get to a tap.

* And yet another is for 1,800 homes to be rebuilt in an area where, because of religious persecution, almost 50,000 people had their homes burnt to the ground.

Tired to the bone? I probably don't really know the meaning. Especially when I look at my life compared to others.

Lord, may I find my rest and my strength in You so that I can serve others who are really tired to the bone...

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  1. So appreciate this, Jeff. Praying today for you & those you remind us of that none of us will "grow weary in well doing"....for in due season, we will reap the harvest!!!