Monday, September 17, 2012

Pray for Syria...

I am writing from the Middle East today. I am here meeting with partners talking, praying and strategizing how to help with the on-going crisis in Syria. I am hearing stories from those who are ministering first hand to refugees and internally displaced persons from Syria.

There are now an estimated 2.5 million affected people. A half million Syrians have fled their country and are living in surrounding areas. They are not being welcomed with open arms but suspicion and in some cases harsh reactions from host governments.

To date, our organization Baptist Global Response (BGR) has helped with almost a quarter million dollars in relief and development aid. Most of this has gone for food and needed household items of the refugees. It's a drop in the bucket but one that is making a difference for thousands of families.

Here's the bad news. The situation of people in need is continuing to worsen. The numbers of refugees and displaced persons is growing daily. The ability of our partners to minister and help them is being stretched to the limits. On top of this, winter is quickly approaching and those living in temporary shelters will be in need of better housing, heating fuel and of course, food and supplies.

In spite of all the needs here, there is still little knowledge and response from our fellow believers in the United States. You see Syria on the news. You read about it in papers and on websites. However, very few people really get involved with helping Syria. Why is this? Maybe we don't know even where Syria is? Maybe we have a negative perception of Syria and countries in this part of the world? Whatever the reason, we as Americans have turned our backs on these millions in need.

I'm going to ask you to do something. Relax. I am not going to ask you to give (even though we could use the donations). I am going to ask you to pray.

Pray for Syria. Pray that peace will come. Pray also that God would touch those who are in need. Pray for our partners who are unselfishly risking their lives and their sanity (at times) to continue to respond.

Thank you for your heart for helping people in need who really can't help themselves...Like these precious people fleeing their homes and homeland in Syria... 

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