Thursday, March 21, 2013

The God of Unseen Footprints...

I often talk about seeing the "fingerprints" or "footprints" of God in our world. We see them in nature when we behold an indescribable sunset. We see them in that moment we hold a newborn child, especially our own, for the very first time. We even see them in the midst of poverty and suffering in the smiling face of a child or empty stare of an older person. But this morning, I ran across an interesting verse in the book of Psalms regarding unseen footprints...

In the seventy-seventh Psalms, the Psalmist urges the reader to have confidence in God even in a time of crisis. He recounts all of the good things that God has done for Israel. He urges the reader to remember the Lord's work and His provisions. He extols the holiness of and greatness of God. He then tells how God always went before Israel and how the waters saw Him and His thunder was in the whirlwind while His lighting lit up the world. But then he makes a short and almost over-lookable comment (Psalm 77:19) when he says...

"...but your footprints were unseen."

Even when God's footprints are unseen, He is still leading and caring for His people. Even when we turn our eyes off of Him and to our own ways, He continues to go before us and desires to lead us like a flock. Definitely there are consequences when we rebel or stray to the right of left, but nevertheless, He is still there before us, beckoning us back into His way.

An old prayer says, "I believe in God even when the sun isn't shining..."

Maybe a new paraphrased one should be, "I believe in God even when I don't see His footprints..."


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