Thursday, April 25, 2013

Profaning God's our actions?

I run in a small circle even though I work with a global organization. Most of my relationships are with godly people, lovers of Jesus Christ, who would never think of or ever utter a profane word against the name of Christ or God the Father. It is a small but good crowd.

However, as I was reading through the book of Jeremiah this morning, I read a passage that struck me. It is Jeremiah's warning to the king and nation of Judah just before their destruction. It is a reference to a promise that Judah had made to God. They had promised to live by His laws and decrees. They promised to do things such as freeing their fellow Israelites who had become bond slaves in their midst. They had promised right action towards their neighbors, brothers and sisters. But Jeremiah notes...

"But you have changed your minds and profaned My name...You have not obeyed Me by proclaiming freedom, each man for his brother and for his neighbor. I hereby proclaim freedom for you - to the sword, to plague, and to famine!....I will treat them like the calf they cut in two in order to pass between its pieces." (Jeremiah 34:16-18)

While pretty much everyone I know would be horrified to even think about profaning the name of God verbally, I wonder if our profanity of actions (or lack thereof) are any less of a profaning? Judah was cited for profanity in that they failed to do what they had promised to God. What about us?

* What about when we do not do the things we know are right?
* What about when we turn our backs on the homeless, hopeless and hurting?
* What about when we tread on God's grace by willful and conscious sin?
* What about when we have a chance to speak up for justice and remain silent?

I have never once (until today) thought about myself as a profaner of God's name. However, if our actions or lack of actions can be interpreted that way, I am walking a dangerous line. My mom (and yours probably as well) always said that our actions speak louder than our words.

I wonder what my actions say about my walk with God? I wonder even more what my actions say about my regard for His Holy Name?

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  1. Salamat kaayo Manong Jeff. This is something worth reflecting!