Monday, July 2, 2012

The Bible's Effect on My Life...

Yesterday, I finished reading the through the Bible for the first time this year. I started this morning again in Genesis chapter one because I devotionally try to read it two times per year and have been since my 33rd birthday. I had been reading the Bible through once per year from 18 to 32 years of age but came under conviction to read it at least twice per year. Not for sermons, ideas or for knowledge but to know God (and myself) better.

If I counted right, this last reading finally caught me up with my age so that I have now read the Bible through, as a devotional discipline, once for every year of my life. I'll be 53 soon. Since my "readings" now match my age, I have a couple of reflections that I would like to share regarding the effects that I have seen God's Word have on my life...

1. If I live a lot longer and read it 53 more times or 103 more times or even a thousand, it will always be new and fresh and God will always have something new to teach me.

2. God's word never changes. On the contrary, the more I read it, the more it seems to be changing me. After all it is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword. :)

3. The more I know and delve into God's word, the more passionate I become for people and their eternal destination as well as compassionate and concerned with people and their physical suffering. I guess you could say that His word working in our lives increases our love for Him and for others.

4. I am more convinced of my own depravity and sinfulness. His word is a mirror into my soul and being and its light reveals the hidden things of my heart; even the things I try to hide from myself.

5. The more I know the word of God, the more I love God Himself.

6. Sometimes I do stumble and sleepwalk through my devotional reading of His word but He gently and sometimes not-so-gently wakes me up with an amazing truth through the discipline of reading and the prompting of His Spirit.

As the Psalmist says, "Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light on my path..."

I can't wait to see what He is going to teach me in the next 53 readings...


  1. Made me think! I got arm twisted by a great Pastor and a Deacon in 1985 to start reading the Bible through each year. 27 years later I am halfway through my 28th time. I love it and couldn't agree more that God never changes but reading his word, I sure do.

  2. Speaking of reading ... Kingdom Communities and Multiply Justice are bringing so much more depth and clarity to my faith ... and pointing me to where I need to go in the next phase of my life in Christ. I just read this amazing post and wanted to share it here ...