Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Right as Rain...

Do you ever wonder where some of our idioms and catchphrases come from? I do. For instance, the phrase, "right as rain", refers to the fact that everything is perfectly fine or "right".

After a number of weeks without rain and soaring heat setting records in the Nashville area, we finally got some rain the other night and temperatures cooled down a bit. On Monday morning, I woke up to a lawn that had been literally brown the day before and was now sprinkled with splotches of green. Tiny blades of grass had emerged almost as if they were singing praises to the Creator for the water provided.

On the way to work I noticed, what seemed to me, a freshness and cleanness in just about everything I saw. From the roads and the washed away weeks of dust accumulation to the trees and shrubs whose limbs seemed to be a little more straighter and pointing heavenward, I said to myself regarding the world I was seeing that things were as "right as rain".

After the much needed rainfall, everything was right or "right as rain". The world looked much better even hopeful that things would return to normal.

Don't you long for the day that everything is really and forever as "right as rain"? A day when wars will cease, diseases will no longer exist, death and the grave will be defeated once and for all? And the best is that it will all be right for the simple fact that the Righteous One will return and make it all so. And, to those He has chosen and called, to those who have answered, it will all be "right as rain" for eternity to come.

This life is good but surely this isn't the way that it should be. Children shouldn't be hungry. Fathers shouldn't walk out on their families. People shouldn't be enslaved to all kinds of addictions. One class or one ethnicity shouldn't oppress another.

Just like the other morning after the rainfall when everything seemed new, I long for the day that God will intervene in consummation of His plans and make all things "right as rain."

Don't you?

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