Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Pursuit of God?...

One of my favorite authors of all times is A. W. Tozer. His simple but profound way of explaining spiritual truths speaks to me.

A few days ago, I finished re-reading his classic, "The Pursuit of God". In about 10 short chapters, he talks about the things that can and should kindle a passion in us for God and God alone.

As I finished and reflected on what I had read, I had an interesting thought. I always tend to think of "the pursuit of God" as my striving, my efforts and my steps to "pursue" Him. However, the revelation (and I know it is simple and I know that you are wondering why I am so slow) came to me that it really isn't about my "pursuit" of God but rather the fact that God is pursuing me!

I can think of a million, helter-skelter activities that I can engage in to make me appear like a man on a mission to find God. But in the end, the irony is that God does not make Himself hard to be known! He pursues us with a passion we can only dream about. He has loved us with an everlasting love. We are courted by Him, the Creator of the whole universe, as a white-hot Lover seeking the beloved. While we think and often position ourselves as the seekers, in truth, we are the ones being sought by the Great Seeker!

There is something in my sin-filled, self-centered being that says I have got to do something (and do it right) to be worthy of love, God's love. I have to pray more. I have to read more devotional books. I have to meditate more. If I do these things, I will be "pursuing" God...

While I deeply believe and try and practice multiple spiritual disciplines, in the end, the "pursuit" of God is not about our efforts to get to God. It's not even our story or ours to accomplish. The fact is that God is pursuing us! That's the story! That's the good news!

Thank you, Lord, for pursuing me passionately, patiently and lovingly. Forgive me for not stopping and receiving your grace. I am amazed that I am the object of Your affection. Let me rest in You, not my efforts, and let me be totally immersed and washed over by Your pursuit of me.


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